Month: June 2014

I’m back!

The last time I had a blog at this address was a few years ago.  In typical Donald fashion, I probably spent more time writing the software that powered the blog, than writing blog posts themselves.  I may publish a few from the archives when there’s a lull.  I’m sure you’d all love to know who made the best custard squares in Wellington in early 2009.

I’ve just finished CHTX204, “New Zealand Christianity,” part of the theology degree I am working my way through.  So I have some weekday afternoons free for a few weeks.  I’m still undecided as to if I will take a course in the second half because in late July our second child is scheduled to show up.

My current project that hasn’t really started yet is to put a roof over the area where we store our firewood.  It turns out that tarpaulins are great at trapping moisture in, which is a bit of a problem when you were hoping that your firewood would dry out.

This is what the inside of my Kinesis keyboard looks like.  Chris gave me one of his “why, of course I want to write my own keyboard firmware” boards.  Unfortunately it seems to be a bit flakey; I’ve just had to open it up (hence the picture) and give it a clean and check the connections.  The flakiness may just be due to its spending most of the last six months in a damp garage.  My other Kinesis has had similar treatment, but I need to spend some time improving the debouncing logic.


Update: the keyboard is fixed!  It turns out the wires from the connector on the 8051-replacement board (brown/copper in the picture above) to the USB cable were failing.  Replaced them and the keyboard no longer resets every 30 seconds!