My name is Donald Gordon.

I have worn lots of hats but right now the hat that’s jammed quite firmly on my head is that of a budding pastor.

In 2011, I felt the call to become a minister, and have been in the PCANZ’s process since then.

Our family moved to Pleasant Point, near Timaru, in the beginning of 2018.  I am in the process of a two year internship, learning what it is to be pastor, preacher, minister, priest, in a small town whose main claim to fame is being the home of the custard square.  My talented wife Angela is blogging about this from her point of view at Living on a Prayer.

In the summer I brew copious amounts of ginger beer that I then proceed to ply friends and family alike with.  I haven’t yet met someone who didn’t like it.

Doing things with computers was a big hobby of mine; then it became a career.  Finally it’s a hobby again.

If you’re in the area, come and say Hi.  We’re on the main road.  It’s called “Main Road.”

Yours in Christ,