A blog commenter noted that my LinkedIn said I was back in IT. This is correct and has been for over a year.

If you want the full story as to exactly how that happened, you're welcome to buy me a beer 🙂 - there was a simultaneous push away from my parish in Wellington and a corresponding pull towards Whanganui and our extended family.

I am now working as a Principal Engineer with Koan, an AWS Advanced Tier Partner based in Wellington. Fully remote, from Whanganui, although I make the occasional trip down to Wellington. I have spent the last year making bits of customer AWS network talk to each other, remediating ancient code, making architectural improvements to an IoT system, even writing some new code when I get the opportunity. I was recently interviewed on AWS's Twitch channel, about a small app I built to make the "where do I find things in your Amazon environment" questions easier to answer.

In my copious spare time - I still preach in the parish we're members in. I'm also trying to power my house off an old Nissan Leaf battery (see future posts), recently built a new chicken coop, and ... various other things. Hopefully I'll even blog about them!